Engbino defies age, holds Cebu 100 Miles Record

BREAKNECK RUNNER Desiderio “Sano” Engbino of Spectrum Runners proven once more as he finished champion and set a new course record of Cebu100 Miles Endurance Challenge 2017.


A 160 kilometer ultramarathon race over the weekend spangled Cebu Nautical and Transcentral Highways with 11 ultra runners vyed to cross the finish line before cut off time.

Engbino poses his Finish Line

The 46 year old Engbino officially finished the race in 21 hours and 39 minutes breaking the course record of last year’s edition set by Rose Betonio with clock time of 31 hours and 18 minutes.

Yadao poses his Finisher’s Plaque

Together with Engbino, was Janrey Yadao of Team PLDR crossed the finish line with official time of 35 hours and 4 minutes. The said two were only finishers before the cut off time. Race Director Sir Blue Tradio, allowed remainder runners to continue the race considering the course edition was extremely strenuous.

Cheers to the following in the list!



Menchu Constanilla of Team PLDR/ CUC, favored to name as female champion of this year’s edition. To her,  the route was not easy. It’s like ultra picnic, cooked meals along the route,  even asked some favors  to  locals to use of their bathroom and took catnap along the way.

Costanilla poses in her Finish Line

The race officially flagged off on the 7th of October 3AM at Consolacion Government Center in Consolacion, Cebu and finished on October 9 3PM  with COT of 36 hours at Brgy. Busay Multipurpose Hall, in Cebu City.

2017 Cebu 100 Miles Route
2017’s course map of Cebu 100 Endurance Challenge

Of note, the 2017 edition is a revision of last year’s edition where the starting line was in Brgy. Lahug, Cebu and finished in San Remegio, Cebu Province. The 2016 edition was positively finished by 9 runners which is far behind from this year’s result. According to RD Blue Tradio the said new route will be followed in next year’s edition.




Pailuga, Tecson champ Siquijor 360 Ultramarathon Race

Perhaps the frowning weather over the weekend didn’t stop amongst but a successful Isla del Fuego ( Island of Fire)  foot race had rubbed it. The 80 kilometer ultramarathon  race and probably the longest in the island by single stage event finishes strong  by both Negrense. Anthony Pailuga, blazed the fire as  male and overall champion whose official time is 8:53:57 beating at least 50 runners from Visayas and Mindanao. Along with him , Maripol Tecson was named female champion with clock  time of 12:06:38, both from Team Dumaguete  Adventures Roadrunners and Striders (Team DARS).

21463204_421271614941276_5644214814490512582_n (1)
Photo Credit: Maripol and Anthony

I feel ecstatic to have won the said race, I trained seriously to get in the podium, I  run with my heart, Pailuga expresses gratefulness. On the other hand, Ms. Tecson a known ultra runner from Dumaguete City had a close fight with her rival up to last kilometer but ended victorious.

Others in the podium roll,  for male category  Hilary James Tambolero of  Negros Oriental came second runner with 9:29:26 recorded time  Michael Saplad of Cebu, as third runner with 9:53:40 recorded time. While in female category,  Warlen Batan also from  Negros Oriental clocked 12:24:10 made her second runner while  Jennifer Zabala of Cebu came third runner with  gun time of 13:02:48.

Photo Credit: Sir Paul Paras, RD

The race event en routed clockwise the whole Fuego through its Circumferential Road with six municipalities;  Maria, Lazi, San Juan, Siquijor, Larena and Enrique Villanueva with elevation gain of at least 205 meters. It Kicked off on October 1 at 12 midnight and finished by 3 PM on the same date at Salagdoong Beach, one of the famous tourist spot of the island located in Municipality of Maria.

Image Credit: Sir Paul Paras, RD

With given COT of 15 hours, each runners challenge vying themselves from scorching heat of the sun over the entire route. Plus the challenge, that none race marshal event and the hydration positioned only by at least 7 miles apart.

Event’s Title Card

On  Facebook page event. Race Director, Sir Paul Paras shared reminders that the event is a self supported and participate at own risks. He had also encouraged runners to secure their support vehicles during the race.

Probably the most Instagrammable view when passing the famous landmark of Siquijor, 33 kilometer to finish line (Photo Credit: Albert Tecson)

By account, the race is said to be the first after 2013 of  Sir Jovie Narcise’s event with an ultra distance of 75 kilometer. Sir Jovie ,probably one of the pioneers to have three sixty-ed the whole island by foot. And this year’s finishers is second batch who officially three sixty-ed the island.

Palmes wins 4th DC 2 DC Ultra Race

Photo Credit to the Owner

CHANG PALMES of Team Davao Striders and  DUC member named overall champion of seasoned DC 2 DC, a 60 Kilometer Ultramarathon Race event took over the weekend stretching Philippine-PAN Highway from Digos City Hall all the way to People’s Park in Davao City.

Palmes whose official clock time 5:41:57 beat more than 200 local runners. Next to him is Alvin Capuno 5:59:44 of Bansalan Runners and Joggers Club and Molly Gulfan of Koranal Ultra Runners Club with 6:44:23 for 2nd and 3rd place respectively.  Arriane Deocadez of South Cotabato Joggers/ Walkers Club topped the female category with her strongest  time of  7:52:29, in the 2nd place Vernaizi Mercado with 8:23:58 and 3rd place Jennifer Lerio with the time of 8:38:29.

Palmes who has been active in ultra running recorded him bags of podium in his races. Recently last August 6, he ranked 2nd place in SPMC100 Ultramarathon.

Image Credit to Team Kapwa

The race event was officially titled as DC 2 DC 4th Edition hosted by TK60 Ultramarathon of Team Kapwa Davao Inc. The race officially started at 9 PM on Saturday September 2 and finish the next day, Sunday September 3 with a given COT of 12 hours.

Image Credit to Team Kapwa

All finishers received a diamond-shaped golden medal engraved with its event’s title and distance, as well as their finisher’s shirt and a loot bag. The podium finishers also awarded a podium plaque and other freebies.

Last year’s edition was cancelled due to incident bombing in Roxas Avenue in Davao City which triggered edition to postpone. But instead diverted into other route which was scheduled on a later date.


2 Pinays finish 444 KM Ultra Race in Malaysia

Photo Credit to Rose and Cheryl

Cheryl Bihag and Rose Betonio of the Philippines were among finishers and only two Filipinas who took the challenge to finish the Coast 2 Coast 444 KM ultra race held in Malaysia this week.

On August 26 at 7:30 AM at Lumut in Manjung District, Perak, Malaysia these brave women kicked off their journey all the way to finish line at Terengganu, Eastern Coast of Peninsular, Malaysia on August 31, 2017 beating COT of 120 hours.

Image Credit to Coast 2 Coast Facebook Page

Amidst the crazy route with mixed weather condition surpassing all throughout the race period of at least 5 days.  Proudly representing the Philippines, the two joined at least 12 ultra runners from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and  Great Britain.

Image Credit to Coast 2 Coast Facebook Page

The said event is part of Tour de Malaysia Series that raises funds to help charities. Though it’s aimed is not to appeal all runners for a fund raising , but rather give completions to ultra runners who are craving for a greater challenges on their running career.

Photo Gallery (Credit to Cheryl and Rose)





Holiday Hike to Mt. Kiyawa

We all love natures but not all are outdoor lovers. I have so much passion in mountaineering since then. I summited the five highest mountains in the Philippines but I never stop climbing. I even keep participating several minor climbs especially in local outreach programs in Mindanao.

This time I’m going to introduce you a minor summit that would give you an itch. Yes an itch! especially to mountaineers out there. I agree that a mountaineer will always have their bucket list checked. They ignore none, considering fulfillment on their passion at the same time a hobby.

Best view recorded in my camera

Mt. Kiyawa, a minor peak standing approximately 420 meters above the sea level recorded in my altimeter watch, it is located in Sta Maria, Davao Occidental in Mindanao, Philippines. A day hike treat that will give you a total view of  nature landscape from seas to mountains.

Marker of Sta Cruz Municipality

At the top of it, offering you a 360 degree view of the town and neighboring Municipalities of Malita, Malalag, Sulop and Padada. And surprisingly, Mt Apo is visible on the other portion of the ridge depending on weather condition. The impression of mountain ridges will give you a total picturesque. Davao Gulf and its seascape are stunning, it is so relaxing and breathtaking.

Scenic portion at the summit. According to folks, it’s a  local beach resort 

What makes it more interesting, is the highest part of the mountain which is nestled by a Sto. Niño Shrine. A shrine that is purposely built to honor such patron saint. Locals are climbing during its feast to celebrate and in Lenten Season for pilgrimage. It was holiday when I climbed, I expected that  there would be a lot of climbers going up, but adverse. I realized that this mountain is still thriving to get the attention of local mountaineers though it’s free of registration.

Sto. Nino Shrine at the summit

Going up, is really steep, the trail is mostly single tracks and with few cliff segments. It’s hot, and mostly covered with coconut trees, cogon grass and very less perennial trees. Consider it a direct assault in very shortest time of at least two hours. Anyway it all pays off when you get there.

Trail going up to summit

It’s not advisable to bring a lot of stuffs, it’s a minor climb. Just enough food and drinks to sustain your stomach and to quench your thirst, but if you want an overnight camping do so, and make sure you have some local folks with you to ensure your safety.

Mt. Kiyawa is just reared Municipal Hall Building of Sta. Maria. There is only one suggested jump off site, and it’s only at the back of the municipal building. To reach Sta. Maria, simply take a bus from Davao City going to Sta. Maria then drop at their municipal hall. I suggest, start your hike earlier in the morning to prevent you from that scorching heat.

Municipal Hall Building of Sta. Maria

Don’t just live in any four corners or any perfect angles structures, go out and explore because life is amazing.

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BBG Superstar, Roselle and Her Buckles


These buckles are lovely to look, to hold, but if you run and finished, considered you will own it.  And that acquainted phrases, definitely would remind you of a toxic reminder of glassware section in any department store. In a serious note, to acquire these buckles, finishing a long distance running is a definite answer. And it’s a thing that ultra runners looking into. But running more than marathon distance is not a laid back object matter, otherwise a subjective. Simply because it is a test of mind and body. Ultra marathon distance is more of mentality and enough determination to triumph over everything from the accounts. Perhaps, it’s a matter of sweats, blood and tears.

I have lots of friends in running community, well aside from that mountaineering of course. But what made her unique is that her distance that makes her exemplary over other women. There are lots of ultra runners today but not typical runner like her. For her record, she finished her longest ultra marathon, the 300 Kilometer Butuan City to Davao City where she ranked 1st runner up with a clocked time of  74 hours 39 minutes and 45 seconds. This is just one, it will give you a total goose bumps knowing her entire record. Make headway, let us start knowing her!


She is SUPERSTAR in her race bib. She is a mother of two. A 37 years old stunner from Manila. A down to earth person and a good friend. A gym rat and a beach bum. Perfect instance to call her BBG (Basta Bisaya Gahi). Undisputed elite runner. She is no less, ROSELLE ABAJO of Team Soleus.




20883121_10212557625167268_2146211743_oPresently, Roselle holds stunning 11 buckles plus one buckle as Grand Slam Awardee for her Hardcore Event attendance. All from her collection in long distance running throughout the country. She finished most of the longest distances in ultra marathon events here in the Philippines. And seldom you see her in marathon and fun run events. She is a DNF no record runner and most of her ultra races staged her podium. Aside from ultra, she is a podiumer too in short distances. To date, she recorded 123 races in total including outside the country.


Since 2011, she continue her passion and widen her ability and skills in athletics and aimed to improve herself, exactly a better version of her. Thus in 2013, she recorded her first ultra podium finished through MAP50, a 50 Kilometer ultra marathon where she placed second. She was the 2014’s and 2015’s female champion of 80KM Gumaca to Pagbilao Ultra Marathon. 2014’s SanggasotKilometro (100KM) female champion. 2015’s BATOQ 66K Ultra Marathon female champion. 2015’s BONPEN Traverse 100KM Ultra Marathon female champion. 2015’s Bicol to Quezon 120KM female champion. 2015’s Speed 52KM Lipa to Dolores Ultra Marathon female champion. 2016’s QCC 160KM female champion. 2016’s West Coast 200KM female champion. There are lots to mention really. Truly amazing, and inspirational to all aspiring ultra runners. According to her, she wants to be an inspiration to all women. She just dreaming a little but shaped up through tough times and have come far from her humble beginnings. Check out her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/roselle79/?hl=enor her Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/roselle79



Roselle is set to race Manila to Daet 342K Ultramarathon on October 28 to November 1, 2017. This is absolutely will be her longest in record. The event will start at Rizal Park, Manila and finish in Bantayog Park in Daet, Camarines Sur. At a given COT, she is one of the hopefuls to finish the race. The said event is said to be one of the current seven toughest ultra marathon race in the country.  The route will pass Pan-Philippine Highway going south of Manila to Camarines Sur. If she finished, would be the first to woman to have completed the 342 kilometer ultra marathon and one to try longest ultra marathon in the Philippines, the Cebu550.

7 years in the field running, check on her running records below. You might share same events already.




Running Credential-300


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Batiancila, Jore top 1st Bogo City to Cebu City 100K Ultramarathon Race

In recently concluded 1st Edition of Bogo City to Cebu City 100K Ultramarathon, Edilberto Batiancila of Spectrum Runners champed over 44 runners with Marjorie Jore of Team ADR as female champion. Batiancila whose official clocked time was 10:06:55, sets first course record to beat by next edition, while female champ Jore recorded a strong finish time of 15:33:10.

Batiancila on his finish line. Photo Credit: PME

Desiderio Engbino and Bayani Alvarez both from Spectrum Runners ranked 2nd and 3rd with finish time of 10:07:07 and 10:07:16 respectively. Rosalinda Corsino a well known local ultrarunner, with 16:05:55 and Anastacia Montesclaros of Team ADR, 17:07:55  as female runners up.

Female Champ  Jore, in her finish line. Photo Credit: PME

On the other hand, Batiancila, Engbino and Alvarez  sweeping victory was one of the testaments to dubbed them “The Big Three of Spectrum Runners”. They are among elite runners who have shown exemplary performances in their recent winning events.

Alvarez, Batiancila, Engbino with Milo Marathoner Rafael Pescos in their FL photo. Photo Credit: PME

Earlier, Alvarez  champed the 2nd Cebu Southwest 210K Ultra last June 9-11. Engbino won  the 1st edition of Maasin City to Agas Agas Bridge 80K Ultra in Leyte last July 29-30 while Batiancila won also the hardcore-like TCU55 Ultramarathon last July 22-23.

Runners starting line group pictures at Bogo City Hall. Photo Credit: PME

The Bogo-Cebu ultra race was participated by at least 44 runners likely to be nationwide which was attended by runners from Luzon and Mindanao. The event culminated with 20 hours COT with one DNF and DSQ record after webscorer published by the organizer. It all started from Bogo City Hall on August 19, Saturday, 8:30 PM and finished at Cebu Provincial Capitol the next day August 20, Sunday. The event was organized by Prince Multisport Events with Sir Joseph Prince Baltazar as Race Director.

Photo Credit: PME

The edition is claimed to be first ultramarathon race since 2011. The City Mayor of Bogo was delighted to have the event  kicked off  in his city. Mayor Carlo Martinez in fact, prepared carb loading meal for participants before the gun start.

Excerpt from overall results;


Check the full overall results here https://www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=110011 .

Photo Gallery (Credit to the Owner)

20915301_2057761677776447_7821064696613853069_n20953373_1588205187877234_3393044112372608248_n20953794_1777298338966327_2912095575253979899_n20953839_1439139672806911_7250390196568852773_n21013455_1489505894428864_532013869_n (1)21014809_10207976153841957_1054913747_o21034708_671263929731841_5884454824813686237_n20914637_10155166567259822_1264354846698404872_n20953088_1577149225691463_5307686363134658624_n